Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Embracing a New Perspective for the Coming Season

A cool breeze flowed through the kitchen window as I washed dishes at the sink. I could see the trees, their leaves changing to warm, cozy colors of red, yellow and brown. Preparations for the coming winter were well under way; piles of wood being chopped and stacked, garden tilled under, chimney cleaned and just one more batch of applesauce in the canner to add to the rows of preserved summer bounty.

Taking a deep breath, my mind thought over a list -- partially crossed off, yet still long with what needs doing before the snow flies. Pulling my sweater tight, I thought for a brief moment, how lovely it would be to skip the cold winter and head right into Spring again...with all the warm weather, goat kids, budding trees and a newly planted garden that it brings. Not that I'm against winter and snow - I do love the snow and of course a good pair of carhartts. But why, I wondered, the cold for so long?

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind, that the Lord refreshed my perspective to be able to see His wisdom in blessing us with the cold winter months, realizing that it is a season of rest for the ground and for the farmers. A short window of time where we can pull up a chair by the fire to enjoy a good book and a family gathered around the table working on puzzles.

I began to see a bigger picture of embracing each season. Spring for it's new life, Summer for the growing season, Fall for preservation and harvest and Winter for rest. Each play a vital role in the circle of life. God has graciously arranged the seasons to change -- that we won't grow weary in His creation. but instead never cease to marvel at His glory and nature.

That moment at the kitchen sink, I determined to embrace the coming season of rest -- viewing it as a time of refreshment instead of waste. And through the lens of thankfulness I learned to embrace each season to it's fullest.

Here's to a restful winter, full of puzzles, hot chocolate and family time.


Hannah Joy R. said...

It is hard to be content with the season we are in, both the seasons of nature and where we are at in life. Thanks for posting this. It was very encouraging!

Kelsianne said...

Great reminder. Thank-you, Jenna!

Emma said...

Thank you for posting that. As I was walking outside the other day, the rain was falling, making it very slippery on our gravel driveway. I can see the snow coming lower on the mountain every day, and I know that winter will soon arrive at my house. I love snow, but I don't love the bitter cold. In Western Colorado, where I live, the wind is sharp on winter nights, and often times in the morning. My Dad absolutely loves cold weather, but I do not. What you posted was very encouraging. Thank you.

Camille Richey said...

Wow! What a great perspective on the changing seasons. That is a really lovely way to see it- a season of rest. Like the Sabbath, and like the 7th year when the land is to rest.
Thanks for that perspective, Jenna!
Camille Richey

Sarah said...

Hi Jenna,

You have a lovely blog! So happy to have discovered it. : )


no spring chicken said...

I just 'tripped' across your lovely blog and just want to encourage you to keep up the good work. We have no better time spent than that of encouraging young women in the love of Christ and the love of home. Your transparent heart is alive with Him and your message is sweet and good.

Blessings, Debbie

Sadie said...

Hi Jenna! I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Beautiful Blog Award, because your blog is truly beautiful! If you don't have time to do the tag, I understand. Just thought I'd award you just in case!

God bless,

Sadie said...

Sorry Jenna, I forgot to give you my blog address for the questions. It's allthingscharmingandlovely.blogspot.com.

Marybeth Taylor said...

Hi Jenna!

Yours is one of the first blogs I have read, and it was so, so edifying. It got us really excited about goats and country living! And then my husband got a job at Pixar, and our country dreams went on hold. :)

I miss your posts! Your last post went up the day my baby turned 1!

I wanted to connect with you again now that my husband got me started on my own blog! I'd be honored if you'd pay me a visit. www.thefamilycanoe.com

Blessings on you and yours, dear Jenna!

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely.