Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh, to be Five again...


That one word brings back a host of memories. Not only was swinging a favorite pastime from when I was younger, it might have been where my momma discovered that her good little girl had a touch of the naughty side as well. Oops.

Now I give my three youngest sisters under-dogs on the swing set...watching them play happily brings back many memories.

Right now they just enjoy our little life on the farm. They named the three chicks that hatched Alma, Maud and Ethel. So sweet.

 They dress up in their "hoop skirts" and set up a Civil War Camp with old cast iron pots and lots of sticks.
All three of them have wonderful imaginations that get put to work in their creative play and they learn a lot. Mom especially, reads them all kinds of books - she did that for Josh and me too. We sat in the living room every day and colored or did a craft while mom read. For a while, one of our favorite story books was "Roxaboxen" - we set up a cardboard box village in our basement, made gardens around the houses and a graveyard - just like the story.  Memories like that make me wish I was five again...

The girls find much joy in every little detail of life...that is something that I don't ever want to out-grow.

They remind me not to rush life, but to enjoy every moment of the day.

There's not a tree next to our current swing set, so I can't try and touch the maple leaves with my toes like I used to...but last night, I swung high on our swing set with many memories of what the Lord has blessed me with and I am so grateful.


abolin said...


Your post made me think of all the fun, daring, and wonderful memories I have of my childhood. I am 19 now and love watching my 6 youngest siblings(girls, ages 2,4,5,8,10,and 12) experiencing the joys of childhood! I love thinking back to those childhood memories the Lord has blessed me with, but honestly sometimes I can't help but let out that little child that is deep down inside of us all. No matter how "grown up" we become. =)

abolin said...


Forgot to mention that I enjoy giving my little sisters under-dogs on the swings,too. Although they have always been called wee-doggies!

Grace Mary said...

Wow! That hen looks exactly like one of ours that just recently hatched out five little chicks. Is that hen a black australorp?
Great post! I love them.
~ Grace

Caitlin Baughman said...

Wow Jenna! Thanks for posting! To be five again...I know! what time has passed? Thanks again for posting!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for this brings back so many memories of my childhood. God is so good to allow us such wonderful times in life!


Miss Hatcher said... sweet! I know what you mean: when we were just 5, we rarely had a care in the world. We just enjoyed life as it came.

Have a blessed day!


Camille Richey said...

Hi Jenna,

Lovely post! I think that exactly what you just described is a part of what the LORD was telling us when He said 'You must be like these little ones to enter the Kingdom of Heaven..." and "Let the little children come to Me..."

Thank you for posting. :)

Elli Chase Designs said...

Cute post!!
How many chickens do yall have?
I have eight that live in our little homestead in our backyard, that's in the city. LOL
Your blog is really neat. I enjoy visiting it often.

Lindsey said...

Yes, there is nothing like little ones to help one realize the little things in life. God is so great to give us this other perceptive.

Such sweet pictures of your little girlies. :) (and their big brothers.) Hope everything at the Regan house is going wonderfully! :)

Laura said...

Wonderful thoughts, Jenna! I agree wholeheartedly. As we grow older there is such a tendency to "rush life", but what a joy it is to be able to appreciate and enjoy every moment! Life is, indeed, a vapor; we should make the best of it while we have it.

I thought it was so neat that you have read Roxaboxen, too! I wasn't even sure it was printed in English-- we always read it in Spanish. =) It's a really sweet book.

God bless you!

Joy said...

Beautiful post, Jenna!

God bless,
~Joy @

Erin said...

They are so sweet. :D Awww, to be 5 again and re-do those years with the knowledge I have now. :)

Sherry in MI said...

And I remember YOU as a 5 year old on the swings next door growing up! Fond memories, that's for sure!

fawn said...

I appreciate your fresh and unclouded perspective on childhood. Blessed to read your posts!

Joy said...

Lovely post!

Hannah said...

I still enjoy swinging even though I am 18! In fact I was just swinging on our swing set just recently. We also have a tree near our swing set in which we always would try to touch the leaves with our toes or else try to grab a hand full of leaves with our hands. So much fun and such good memories!

~Hannah~ said...

hey Jenna,

I found your blog through a link on one of my friend's blogs. I love it, love your perspective on everything, so refreshing! You really have an awesome blog, thanks for sharing everything!

Another "farmgirl"

From The Homesteading Cottage said...

I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!

Michele xoxo
The Homesteading Cottage

Ashley said...

Lovely post and cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!

God bless!


fivetolove said...

Such a sweet post. I have had you and your family on my heart, and just wanted you to know I am praying for you, though thousands of miles away. I hope to see some more posts soon. God bless, comfort, and strengthen you this day.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts Jenna and I hope you post more soon. Please! :)

Meredith said...

Happy Belated 19th birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! What a beautiful post. As you might have found I do not have my blog anymore, we had some issues with some fellow Christians that caused a lot of trouble for me so that's prolly more than you wanted to know, haha! BUT, I just wanted you to know that I still keep up your blog, and I miss the fellowship with all the amazing young ladies.
God Bless!

Aspirer said...

So sweet!

♥ Aspirer