Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meal Challenge - Week 4

 On Friday I made a dish called "Cashew Curried Beef" for week 4 of the meal challenge...sounds good, right? W.E.L.L.......Jenna's here to report that it was terrible! I doubled the batch (thinking it would taste like the delicious chinese food that I love!). Do I need to mention that the chickens got a feast? Yuck.

Everyone except Mom quickly moved on to plan B, which happened to just be some frozen pizza - but it tasted real good and we couldn't go wrong:)

My thoughts are already flying ahead to next week's new meal, and I'm thinking that I'll try something a little bit more "all-american" like ham balls because we have 3 pigs in our freezers!


One last thing before I fall into bed ~

My blogging creativity has failed me for the time being, but I'm hoping to be back at it soon - starting tomorrow night with a post that will send you on a mission - for a book from 1828 - any guesses? It's big and green!

I enjoy hearing what is going on in all of your drop a comment if you have the time - I love to read them:)


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Jenna,

I am so sorry to hear about your meal..I actually didn't get my post to Meredith in time this hopefully next week..I hope it goes better for you next time..

Have a blessed night and see you at the Giveaway.. : )

Hmmmm....should I take a guess at what it is..

Regan Family Farm said...

Love the picture!!! Love YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenna, You are such a dear sweet young Lady! I love reading how you are helping your family and your Mother and most importantly being used by the Lord to serve. Now here's the problem, I don't quite know why your meal wasn't good? I love cashew anything and I love curried beef! What went wrong? Do you want to share? You are such a dear, and I wished so much that you and our goat loving daughter could be neighbors...she so desires a heart to heart friend! hugs and love, mumofeight

Whitney Elaine said...

Are you hosting this Meal Challenge or is going around in the blogging community? I would like to do it too:) That meal did "sound" good but often times it does turn out that way lol. Btw I love your blog:) As a fellow country girl I find it very neat and interesting!

Blessings and Love,

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Great job on the meal challenge Jenna. You'll learn a lot as you go along and probably already have! Keep up the great work! Your family will be glad they were the guinea pigs later. :)

Paul Leavitt said...

Ohh that's a bummer! It's no fun to spend the time making something just to have it turn out lousy. You'll get it next time!
As for blogging creativity, I kinda feel that way my self sometimes... okay, I feel like that right now. :)

1828, big and green... OH! Websters dictionary!!

Bethany said...

Ah my dear Jenna, the joys of trying and failing. :D Ok, but the ham balls sound great...mmmmm! Let me know how those turn out! lol

I love you girl!


Martha Joy said...

I'm sorry it didn't turn out, Jenna, I hope it does next time! I can't figure out what book it is, but maybe I'll come up with it! ;)
Keep up the good work!
Much love to you and yours,
Martha Joy

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hi Jenna, Missed you at the gaduation party yesterday. It went very very very well. Food was great as usual and the work was well well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the note! It was great to get it! Hope you had a good time last night? what did you get to do? Don't worry about the pattern. I don't have yarn yet any way.
Tell Josh the boys missed him. I had a great time with your siblings;)

Love ya bunches!