Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snapshots from the Farm

This Spring has witnessed some delightful farm progress as Caleb helped me fix our pasture so that the does could have daily grazing access. I'm so grateful for his help and that the animals can enjoy the outdoors; possibly as much as I enjoy seeing them out in the pasture! 

My only wish was that my favorite doe, Tenn, could have lived 1 week longer to fully enjoy the beautiful outdoors herself. 
{my morning "hello" for the past 4 years ~ neither she or her twins made it after an extremely traumatic birth}


{Tori and fellow herd-mates loving the fresh grass}

{Tahala on the right; another favorite!}

{incredible weather}

 {loving the new territory}

{a view from the pasture}

Even though there have been some very difficult losses encountered, a walk around the farm gave me plenty to be grateful for. The new goat pasture, good rain this year, progeny from Tenn, our garden planted early... I'll miss feeding my doe her favorite snack of tortilla chips, and scratching her chin each morning...that was a special memory of growing up with the responsibility of animals. But there is still more to learn, and determination over-flows as I look forward to improving the genetic line that remains. 

In everything give thanks. 


An At Home Daughter said...

I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to go through losing a goat to a traumatic birth. Maybe you will have a new baby born this year that will tug on your heart strings.

You sure have a beautiful herd of goats.


Cheyne said...

Oh, we had a difficult birthing this year with one of our ewes that ended the same! It is very hard sometimes, but God did have a very important lesson in it for us!
I'm certainly thankful for spring, too. I just posted some spring baby pics on my G+ page. :)

Alex said...

Thanks so much for posting this! You're always such a blessing to me!

Frannie said...

Hello Jenna!

How lovely your pictures look. Right now we are in the process of reestablishing the fencing around our property so that we can get goats. I can relate to your excitement! I am sorry about your special friend--it may seem silly but I love that we have a God Who wants to hear about even those sad things in our life.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a happy comment. I love sharing my life with you all and getting such joyful responses makes it worth it.

You are a blessing!

Kalin said...

I just found your blog and after seeing the blog name, I knew I had to follow! :) I'm a feminine farmgirl myself, we raise goats, chickens, have horses, dogs and the random cat. ;) I'm sorry about your doe. :( Our two does recently had twins and I can't imagine!

Tori said...

Adorable goats, Jenna! So cute! I love animals, so I love this post! My 1st time on your blog, and I feel I have found a friend in you.