Monday, February 20, 2012

She Extends her Hand to Bless

Last year during the early Summer, I was blessed to fellowship over lunch with a very sweet acquaintance.

As we shared what the Lord was teaching us, and later discussed new sewing projects for the rest of the year, I excitedly shared that Mom was expecting my 8th sibling...along the lines of sewing, mom and I had planned to make up cloth diapers and some baby slings. And of course, I was also excited about the fact that I wouldn't have to try out for Beauty and the Beast, a rather large giant of mine (fear) because I'd be at home helping Mom and holding an adorable little baby instead (a much better alternative!).

Over those few hours, we had a lot of encouraging conversations and I came away refreshed from talking with another young lady who loves the Lord and also has a vision for homemaking.

A few short weeks later, there was a knock on the door, and I was surprised to see Laura, arms loaded with delicious loaves of homemade bread, jam and a baby gift. She and her Mom had a heart to bless our family and wanted to bring some baked goods each month throughout my Mom's pregnancy...unknown to her, my little sibling had already entered into the gates of Heaven. It was an awkward situation, yet Laura was so sweet.

Just a month later, Laura called, and asked if she could please continue to bring baked goods, as it was something that they would really like to do. So each month, Laura has taken time out of her busy schedule and lovingly made and delivered delicious goodies.

My family and I have been blessed by not only her delicious gifts, but most of all Laura's beautiful example of a young lady who saw a way that she could bless us, and faithfully did so. Thank you, Laura!

"She extends her hand to the "poor", yes, she reaches out her hands to the "needy"."
Proverbs 31:20


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blessing! Your friend is a great example of what it means to follow Christ! ~Jordan

Cinnamon said...

Very sweet. To be blessed just because is truly an example of love.


Sherry in MI said...

That is so sweet - what a truly, special friend I am sure she will (or has) become.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful example of the impact a young woman can have through homemaking. Thank you for sharing this!


Anonymous said...


Kyrie said...

Hey Jenna, I haven't visited in forever it feels like! It seems like since I've finished college that I've had /less/ time to blog and blog read, instead of /more/! I have missed keeping up with your dear family, but pray for you nearly every day. My family and I feel like we know yours so that we talk about you often in the little things that happen during the day (ex.: 'Jenna says that goats usually have more than one kid at a time!', 'I wonder if the Regans are having cold weather or if their weather has been mild this winter like ours has', 'I think either Jenna or Mrs. Regan posted a recipe for that a while back - I'll look it up', etc. ;D ). I loved reading about little Laura's pie! She is getting /so/ big! When I first found your blog, she was just a baby - it has been such a privilege to see how all of you are growing up so fine!
The Laura you told about in this post sounds like another dear heart. I want to be like that - my greatest desires are 1) To love and honor my Lord, 2) To lead others to know Him, and 3) To be a source of strength and encouragement to His people. Thank you for posting this!
I love you dear friend!


Your blogging friend,